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About Us

Upgrades and Changeovers


Clyde & Solway have upgraded many existing alarm systems in a wide range of premises. Keeping up with legislation, changes to risk assessments, building expansion and alteration or systems that have become unserviceable. Like any equipment, as fire alarm systems get older, issues can start to arise. More frequent false activations or fault conditions causing disruption and requiring more resource to repair. Your system could be proving difficult or more costly to repair due to equipment becoming obsolete. Rewiring a system from scratch can be quite disruptive, but is not always necessary and using existing cabling or healthy equipment can be a far more efficient option. Our experience and Engineering approach during survey works will give consideration to any possible options, implications and cost comparisons.


Whisky Industry


The growth of the Scotch Whisky industry has been well publicised and the Major brands have been investing heavily to satisfy worldwide demand. Since the formation of Clyde and Solway Systems, we have installed Fire Detection in Various Distilleries, Bottling Plants, and Distribution Facilities and in over 120 Whiskey Maturation Warehouses which provides long term storage for in excess of 2 million casks of product which equates to over 8 Billion drams (Memorable Hangover!). We also provide any associated civil works and cable ducting as part of our contract, which on a 100+ Hectare site requires more than a man with a shovel.


Construction Industry

Site Safety

Clyde and Solway have carried out works on a number of high profile construction projects. We have worked with a number of the major construction companies and we are continually proving our abilities on delivering an on time / on budget product within demanding deadlines.


Clyde and Solway Systems have installed various life systems in both new build and refurbishment projects, including Schools, Sports Centres and Hospitals. Our operatives are trained in construction Health & Safety and have the appropriate qualifications for operating the plant and equipment necessary for modern building methods.


We have good working relationships with all the main contractors we have worked with in the past, although they have been known to be slightly annoyed during final testing of the alarms, but we need to be sure again and again.



Hazardous Areas

Hazardous Areas

Clyde and Solway have extensive experience in working within potentially explosive environments. The qualifications necessary to carry out electrical installation within these areas were obtained to support works within the whisky industry due to the presence of alcoholic vapours. We have since been carrying out works within Oil and Gas, Petro–chemical and Nuclear sites, where very high standards are the norm. We are equipped with special air and pneumatic tooling and personal gas monitoring equipment which is necessary to operate in these environments. Clyde & Solway Systems are currently involved in a high level Fire and Vapour Detection upgrade project in the West of Scotland which will be ongoing for the next 2 years. We are also qualified to carry out Inspection and Testing of existing or previously installed Flameproof and Intrinsically safe equipment.